Monday, December 24, 2007

Santa as a veggie athlete??

Hmmm.. what do we know about Santa Claus? He eats cookies and drinks milk, so he's not vegan, but he loves and even talks to his reindeer, so presumably he'd have a hard time justifying reindeer steak. Perhaps we can hope he's at least veggie?

I hope you guys and gals all get some Polar Heart Rate Monitors, or new cycling shoes and saddles, or heck, even a brand new road bike for Christmas! (Jenn - what bike did you end up buying when you realized you couldn't get your Jamis?)

Merry Christmas everybody!!


Veg*Triathlete said...

Chris- I put off getting a cross bike, and now I'm plotting for a tri bike... also a Jamis... stay tuned. There's a big materialistic gear-lusty post coming soon :-)

Charlie said...

Santa needs to change. Smoking, milk, cookies, obesity. He is asking for trouble. what a bad example for the kids. He does have a cool bike however. Maybe he will force those raindeer to work so hard anymore.

Jen does have some nice bikeporn to share.