Friday, December 7, 2007

My Introduction

Hi all! Well, I am a 28-year-old vegan triathlete from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. I have been writing my blog for over a year and started it after I signed up for Ironman Canada in 2006. I finished it this past August and it was a really great, intense, and crazy experience. I have been vegan for almost 6 years and a triahtlete for 5. I was an athlete before, but I definitely had to learn how to be a vegan athlete. I made lots of mistakes at first, but I have pretty much figured it out now thanks to lots of reading, experimentation, and blogging.

Cycling is where my heart is and I commute year-round. I have bicycled across Canada and have done a solo bike tour in British Columbia. I also race mountain bikes and occasionally road bikes, but I'm not as into road as I am into mtb.

Triathlon suits my need for variety. I don't like to focus on any one sport for too long because otherwise I get antsy. That being said, being sporty is not my only hobby. Obviously, nutrition is a hobby of mine and so is injury prevention. I am also very involved in music here in Saskatoon. I have a radio show on the local community radio station here, I go to lots of shows, and I play the guitar. I also knit, crochet, read, write, and do some website design (currently working on developing my vegan triathlete website).

Over the past few months I've dabbled a bit with raw veganism, but found it to be quite unreasonable in our part of the world at this time of year... Currently it's -35 oCelsius with the windchill and eating cold food all the time is just not practical. I am a fairly strict vegan, work in the agriculture sector (the veganism thing really throws people off) working with First Nations farmers, and want to have my own farm someday.

Here is my post-run/bike supper that is super easy and way tasty!
Tofu and Pasta, my favorite meal of all-time
1 small onion
1 package of tofu, cut into bite-size pieces
veggies: carrots, peppers, zucchini, mushrooms, etc.
1 jar of pasta sauce
whole wheat pasta, cooked to your preference
Instructions: Start the pasta and fry the onions and tofu on medium heat at the same time. Put in the veggies in order of hardness (ie. carrots go in before zucchini) to avoid over-cooking the veggies. Once the veggies are cooked, put the sauce in and simmer for a couple of minutes adding spices if you want (I used oregano and basil). Drain the pasta, then put the saucy veggies into the pasta and eat it up! Sometimes I eat it straight from the pot because I like to do crazy things like that! You can make this meal as big or as small as you want to. Super tasty, lots of protein, and great for recovery!

So that's me. I'm so glad to have this place to talk about some of the issues that are specific to vegan athletes! :o)


Tuco said...

How have I never thought of throwing tofu into pasta sauce??

You ever use that veggie substitute for ground beef?

Crystal said...

Yeah, I've used veggie ground round and I don't mind that either. Either way, it is a complete protein! Woohoo for complete proteins!!!!

(my ex-partner said that he had never talked about protein so much in his entire life!)

Veg*Triathlete said...

I've dabbled with raw veganism, too, and concluded that it was very impractical for Iowa winters, especially when trying to eat somewhat locally. Plus I really enjoy cooking :-) I still keep a lot of raw foods in my diet though - especially green smoothies & juices & plain fruit & salads. I find a balance between cooked & raw works well.

Charlie said...

Music, triathlon, Vegan living.
You have a great combination for life if you ask me.

Crystal said...

It's super cool that you're a folk musician! Do you have any songs online? I'd love to check it out. And yes, I quite like the combo for life I have going. Music sure does complete it. :o)

KleoPatra said...

Yum yum. Love this recipe. Yummy.

'ello, Canada!
Nice to meet you, Crystal.

i can't "do" raw either. (For one thing i'm hooked on edamame and i need it warmed up!)

Charlie said...

I have links on my trifolk page as well as a music player.
If you would like a CD for the radio, let me know.