Sunday, December 2, 2007

Leave the cheese and eggs off my plate

While trying to cope with being in a minority during a tri club online discussion about deer hunting and meat, I was feeling abit outnumbered and uncomfortable with some of the other triathletes I train with.
Jen(Veg*Triathlete) suggested we start a blog group for vegan athletes. Jen set it up, and here we are.

I think as vegan athletes united, we can begin demanding race directors to provide vegan options at our events. While doing Ironman UK, I was given powerbars(not Vegan), and offered only animal products post race. The awards banquet caterer provided no vegan meals the following day. I was forced into a very difficult decision having had no proper meal since completing my race.

Coming in August, Jen and I will be doing the Steelhead 70.3. Again, pre-race dinners do not accommodate the vegan amongst us. These races cost a lot.
I don't think it is asking to much to leave the cheese and eggs off my plate.


Veg*Triathlete said...

You know... technically, I think this group blog thing might've been your idea :-) But who knows... it was late. You had a beer buzz & a cold. I'd had a whiskey & coke. Let's write a letter to the Steelhead directors & see if we can get some vegan food options at the big party. Or else I'm just gonna cook us all a big vegan dinner which will probably taste better anyway!

I also think it would be cool if Clif Bar got onboard with Ironman.

KleoPatra said...

Go Charlie!

And i'm in.

As for CLIF, maybe we (you) should let'm know, no?

Veg athletes untie! i mean UNITE!

OrganicAthlete said...

Right on!

I'm honored that OrganicAthlete is your first resource. Thanks!

Best of luck at the triathlon.

Crystal said...

I completely agree with the whole pre-race and post-race meals. I have had a few problems with it. Last year I told the race director of my half IM that I was vegan and would require a vegan meal. He sent me the phone number of the caterer so I called them and left a message saying that a meal that costs $25 for tickets should mean that I should be able to get a meal that I can eat. Apparently I made quite a stir and the race director called me personally to say that they would make a vegan option. When I got to the pre-race supper, I got to talk to the chef about the option and he had made some stuffed peppers with rice and veggies. He even came over to see how it tasted because he had never made anything vegan before. It was a bad experience turned good and I was glad to have made such a fuss. At the end of the race, when the race director put my medal around my neck, I said, "See? Vegans can be triathletes too!" He laughed and gave me a big hug. It was pretty awesome. :o)

Veg*Triathlete said...

Crystal, I just got got the "warm and fuzzy" chills when I read that story about the race meal! I'm definitely going to try something similar for Steelhead - a respectful request ahead of time is so much more effective than grumbling and complaining afterwards.

Charlie said...

That is a very cool story.