Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Protein from Manitoba

In the fall I moved to a new town, got out on my commuting bike once or twice before the snow hit, and subsequently haven't been out on my bike at all this winter. The local bike shop is having their first "spring" ride this Sunday (about 30km on cross bikes I think), and so, after being fed up with riding my trainer in my basement since January, I've been trying to get in the saddle and get my legs used to the grind again.
Increasing my activity level has made me want to insert a bit more protein in my diet, and so I've turned to Manitoba Hemp powder. Initially I hated it (very coarse stuff), and was regretting the fact that I wouldn't be able to use Vanilla Whey powder anymore. I guess I've forced myself to get used to it though, because now I'm just mixing it in with my bran flakes and not batting an eye at it.

Anybody have any other vegan protein powder ideas? I know Mr. Brazier has an extensive line of vegan stuff, but it is also pretty darn expensive.

For you bike nuts, have you seen the 7 lb bike story in VeloNews? This guy in Germany took the lightest bike materials available, like $15 000 dollar wheels and Campagnolo Record components, and shaved them down until, all together, the bike weighs in at 7 lbs!

And this has nothing to do with veganism, but have you all seen the Ethicle search engine?
This is the google search engine, but the Ethicle version generates donations at a penny per search to groups like Greenpeace, the World Wildlife Fund, Amnesty International, PETA, and a few others.


Veg*Triathlete said...

I use a lot of hemp protein, too. I usually have at least one smoothie a day with a big scoop in it. I guess I don't really know what else to do with the powder form of it, although I'll often add whole hemp seeds to dishes. That's more palatable to me - hemp seeds on salads, granola, or soba noodles...

Lately I've been combining hemp protein & rice or pea protein, which supposedly provides a more balanced amino acid profile. I haven't ever tried the Vega powder, but if the bars are any indication of the flavor, I'm not that eager to do so (as much as I admire Brendan Brazier). And the price is definitely a hindrance. I'll cough up the money for a can of hemp protein, no problem, but more than that and I get squeamish!

Have fun getting the bikes back out, Chris!

tim said...

do we need protein powder? I have never bothered since I reckon what we need is in our food. We work harder we eat more and therefore get the nutrient balance we need. Protein powder is kind of like saying nature got it wrong. There are also indigenous populations that eat a high carb low animal protein diet and work way harder physically then we do on our hardest day. I reckon fresh ripe organic plants are the best way to gain optimum nutrition.