Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Rocket and B12

While I ate my lunch I caught a bit of the Roger Clemons Hearing on steroids. I didn't see much and I was following CC. What I did see was when Clemons was asked if he was a vegan, in referance to his b12 use.
"I don't know what that is". Was Clemons response.

Based on his response I would assume he is not vegan. If this is the case, is there any need for him to receive b12 injections? b12 the new slang for 'roids? If this is true, should we be careful about tossing around this term at the events we participate in.

Just wonderin'


Christie said...

I don't know. Maybe he's anemic? My dad is anemic and omni and had to get a B12 shot recently.

Veg*Triathlete said...

Christie's right. Read this:

I can't tell how serious/funny your question is supposed to be... but my response is that I really wouldn't worry about it.

Mark said...

B12 injections are regarded as fairly common panaceas by many elite athletes.

They also happen to offer a convenient explanation why one would have used syringes lying around and the out of, "I thought I was being injected with B12."

Surely, we remember the athletes who got popped for drug use who claimed to be given flax seed oil.

All this said, sublingual B12 or B12 in fortified foods is more than adequate.

Anyone talking about B12 injections is probably worth raising an eyebrow at.

Charlie said...

Some of this was meant as humor.

Jen, I enjoyed the link, especially the poetry by Clemons.

Roidger is quite the woidsmith.