Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New SV Feature: Google Calendar

Hey SV Bloggers,

I just added a new sidebar to include a list of some of the races/events we're doing this year.  I plugged in a few that I knew of off-hand, but I'll work on getting everyone calendar access so you can put in some of your own—not that you have to, of course!  I just thought it might be fun to give people an idea of the kinds of events we do.  

Plus, it inspires me to think about the fact that Bethany is going to be running 45 kms in a couple of weeks.  Who knows, maybe I'll be so inspired that I'll get off my couch and run, um, 4.5 kms or something ;-)



tim said...

hey guys I think this blog is a great idea.

Bethany will be running that tough 45km mountain race in about 8 days and that is just the start of a huge running year. I look forward to her race report.

tim said...

I was thinking that with 15 contributors you'd think there would be more posts?

Anonymous said...

The Calendar is a great idea Jen!

Six more sleeps for me until my 'debut' Six Foot Track race...hopefully I can have a day worthy of a race report for you all!

the little one said...

Okay, Tim you're making us feel bad! You're right we should get blogging! ;)

Veg*Triathlete - excellent idea! As soon as I figure out what the hell races I'm doing this Spring and Summer, I'll post them.

tim said...

sorry i did not mean to make you guys feel bad. I am just keen to read more from like minded people. It can be simple stuff like an average day's training and what what you would eat. Do you worry about certain vitamins / mineral and what do you eat to get them. Maybe your best post race meal or even good stuff to eat on a long run etc.

Veg*Triathlete said...

Maybe we should all start double-posting more often? I'm seeing great stuff on people's individual blogs - hint, hint, Heather who just ran a marathon & wrote a report ;-)

Tim, part of the issue is also that for many of us living in the wintery northern hemsiphere, we're just coming off our off-season. I imagine things are likely to pick up as we get going this spring :-) In the meantime, I'm counting on our California/Texas/Florida crew to go on bike rides & post some pictures. Please? Anybody?